Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keeping Cilantro Fresh

My mother taught me this trick, and it's one worth knowing if you're a cilantro fan. The picture here was taken 2 weeks after I purchased this bunch of cilantro at the store--and it looks perfect!

Here's what you do:
  1. Fill a small glass (wide enough for stems to fit easily, but short enough not to interfere with the leaves much) with water.
  2. Trim cilantro stems about 1/2-inch.
  3. Place the bunch in water like you would with cut flowers.
  4. Place plastic bag from the store loosely over the top, folding up the bottom edge if necessary to still allow air flow (see small picture).
  5. That's it!

1 comment:

SonyaAnn said...

Thank you! Thank you! I just threw out some wilted and mushy cilantro. No more waste, thanks to you.