Friday, March 9, 2018

The Recipe Box Project

It's been TEN years since I started this little food blog.

When I started full tummies, I envisioned it an "interactive cookbook" rather than a fancy food blog loaded with images and lots of text. I still envision it that way. And so, it's time to begin a new project: testing out the recipes in my grandmother's recipe box!

I inherited her recipe boxes when she left this world for heaven. After weeding out the obvious rejects and the duplicates (um, how many tomato aspic recipes are really necessary?), I'm left with an interesting collection of family favorites. Sweets and side dishes dominate. Ordinary, old-fashioned fruits and vegetables are plentiful; there is nary a single recipe for kale.

I'll post a photo of the recipe card along with a new typed recipe as I try each recipe. I'll also post a picture, but I am NOT a "photographer." Initials with the recipes will help family members know the source of the recipe. I do not plan to explain them more fully.

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