Monday, September 21, 2009

Easy Pulled Pork

My family LOVES BBQ. Nearly every time my mom's family gathers--especially if we're away from home--we pick up some BBQ. This is the pulled pork variety, topped with a sweet tomato-based sauce ("Memphis" style to some). We also make this pork roast below--it yields a product very similar to the unsauced pulled pork you might find in a Southern BBQ restaurant, but it's super easy. Top with your favorite sauce, add some buns and some baked beans, and you've got an easy dinner!

1 Boston Butt pork roast (also called "shoulder")--usually in the 5-7 pound range
Lots of black pepper
1 oven roasting bag*

Pepper that roast ALL OVER--you're going for a pepper crust, in a sense (this is similar to the process for Sunday Pork Roast). Put the roast in the bag (seal and make a few slits in the bag).* Roast at 325 degrees for 45 minutes per pound. Yes, this will take HOURS, but it's virtually maintenance free. The leftovers freeze just fine, so make a big one!

*If you'd rather not use a bag, simply cover the pan with foil and then place lid of pan firmly down on top of foil. This will make a mess of your pan, but it's fairly easy to clean up. Cooking time should be the same.

Serves.... depends on size of roast. A 10-pound bone-in roast yielded me a full 9x13-inch pan of pulled meat, about 5 pounds.

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