Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tupperware Fridgesmart Containers

I rarely do product placement on this blog, but this time I'm making an exception. My sister, Carrie, is a Tupperware consultant, and she's gotten me HOOKED on the containers you see above: Fridgesmarts. These things are truly amazing. I don't know how/why they work as well as they do, but they are produce lifesavers. There are some venting options (the little white "buttons" you can see on the end) and a nice little picture guide as to what fruits/veggies can be in which venting options (and you can put different fruits/veggies together as long as they need the same vent requirements).

Here are some examples of what I've kept fresh in my one medium-long container (but I just picked up a few more sizes from my sister!!! SO EXCITED.):
  • radishes for several weeks--still crisp
  • cucumbers--cut up and whole--for at least a week (really remarkable for the small pickling cukes)
  • zucchini for a couple of weeks
  • lettuce for a couple of weeks
  • broccoli for 10 days--and it looked even better than when I put it in the fridgesmart!! Crisp and green.
I'm looking forward to experimenting with other options now that I have some other sizes to play with. I think this is going to be a big help this summer with my CSA produce as well as enable me to shop a bit more ahead this coming school year. No more wasted Sam's produce this winter! And, no more wasted produce that we didn't quite finish up before leaving town for a week ☺.

If you're interested, check out the online catalog. You can also contact Carrie through that same site if you want to place an order. I think you can also request sales notification through her website, too. These babies aren't cheap, but after getting one as a birthday present (oh, you sneaky sister, you ☺), I'm a total convert and have since ordered some more for myself (the ones I just picked up this week when I was at my parents' house).

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