Friday, May 31, 2013

Lettuce Prep and Storage

This is the way I prepare and store lettuce--CSA, my own garden, or grocery store. It's reliable and doesn't take up much space in the fridge; even better: the lettuce is ready to go when I need it. This will keep your lettuce in good shape for a week or more.

First, wash that lettuce! If it's a head of lettuce, pull off the leaves (lots of dirt lurks in those little crevices near the stem!). If it's looking a little wilty, let it soak in the water for a bit. I just dump it all in a sink full (or tub full) of cold water.

If the lettuce is very dirty, let the leaves float for a bit. The dirt will sink to the bottom and you can scoop the leaves off the top. Notice all the dirt left after a few heads of farm fresh lettuce! There's also a little friend I found lurking on one of the leaves.... :-)

Shake off a few leaves at a time and add to a salad spinner. Depending on the size of the head of lettuce, you may need to spin in batches.

Spin! (Alternately, you can put the leaves in a clean dishtowel, grab the 4 corners up together, and spin the ball around--outside.)

Place in a gallon-sized ziploc bag, seal, and--very important--slash a few holes in the bag with a sharp knife. I like to reuse my bags, so I label them "lettuce" so I won't reuse a hole-filled bag for something else later on. Store in fridge until ready to use. You should get a week or more out of these bags.

Do YOU have a favorite lettuce prep or storage tip?


Anonymous said...

Helpful information - Thanks! I like to cook different greens and then freeze them and use later. An old Italian favorite is to mix cooked greens with olive oil, vinegar, garlic and a little salt/pepper to taste. Yummo! Carole

Betsy said...

I plan to try that Italian salad combo sometime when I have some leftover greens this summer. Thanks!