Thursday, June 6, 2013

CSA Week 2 (6/6/13)

WOW. Aren't you glad we started off slow last week to practice our greens-cleanin' routine? It's hard to fully appreciate the quantity of leaves that are pictured here--there are many that are hidden.

So what's our haul this week from the Colvins? Before I get to that, I'll share the new game the kids and I are playing.  Each person gets to guess one of the items that will be in the box (before we get to the market). Whoever gets one right gets to pick something to make with that item. They are very into it. Last week only my daughter got one right (strawberries), and we had smoothies one morning. This time, one of my boys guessed strawberries, and my daughter guessed greens. The recipe she wants? Beans and greens. For real! She then amended that response to say some type of "greens" salad--bingo! That's exactly what I want to try, too (and I have a few recipe possibilities, so stay tuned.). In addition, we've added one more challenge: we plan to eat homemade pizza every Friday night with some CSA produce. I keep telling people you can put anything on a pizza (last week we had Greens and Garlic Pizza). When I got this week's box, I thought: this will be a challenge. Pizza with these ingredients? (Since we already had the greens one last week.) And then it hit me! But you'll have to wait until Saturday for THAT recipe :-).

The Box:
  • 2 stalks green garlic (they're the green onion-looking things in the foreground)
  • 2 heads bok choy 
  • sweet kale--2 "groups" (I don't know what to call the little clumps but they are PRETTY)
  • 5 turnips with greens attached 
  • bunch radishes with greens attached 
  • Romaine lettuce--1 head
  • Butter lettuce--1 head
  • 2 quarts strawberries

By the way, if your turnips and radishes look like this:

You want to make sure they soon look like this:

Check out this week's "farm dirt" (and this does NOT include the water from the turnip/radish greens--both of which took more than one change of water!) Oh--and this is a WHITE tub--you can't really see the bottom of it because the water is pretty cloudy (looked more impressive in person):

Recipe possibilities:
  • Radish, Orange, and Avocado Chopped Salad (actually we had this for dinner tonight!)
  • Egg Salad with Radishes, Scallions, and Dill (requested by one son--we had this earlier this week)
  • Stir-Fry
  • a wilted kale salad
  • Curry (we have a yummy curry recipe that uses turnips!)
  • ??? I'll have to look up some recipes for turnips and their greens: we got a LOT of turnip greens

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