Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CSA Week 4 (July 2, 2014)

First, let me register shock that is already July. JULY, PEOPLE. That means I have ONE MONTH until school starts. I plan to enjoy it to the fullest….

Next, Isaac told me that the greens I wasn't sure about last week were collards. I was planning to cook them like collards anyway, and this week I have some kohlrabies with tops (THANKS Colvins!), so I'll add those in, too and make a big mess o' greens. Mmmm….

Today we got a basket that I immediately had plans for. In fact, everything but the radishes themselves are already on my mental menu. I plan to post a zucchini recipe this coming week that is delicious and a change of pace even though we didn't get zucchini in our boxes. I'm confident we will get them again at some point and they had some beauties at the booth you can pick up if you want to try it.

Here's today's haul (sorry for the less than stellar picture):

  • small head of cauliflower
  • 1 bag new potatoes (about a pound)
  • 1 bag green beans
  • 1 bunch radishes with tops
  • 1 bunch kale
  • 3 kohlrabies (2 medium purple and 1 large white)
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 tomatoes (1 in huge!)
  • 4 medium onions
What's on my mental menu? Glad you asked:
  • Coconut Curried Vegetables with Chick Peas (subbing in white potato for sweet; this time I can get a picture of the final dish!)
  • Kickin' Collards (off site link that I plan to put on the blog this time)
  • sliced tomatoes going to a 4th of July cookout
  • kohlrabies getting sautéed
  • Marinated Cucumbers (these are quite similar to Val Colvin's Refrigerator Pickles)
  • kale is mysteriously appearing in our breakfasts these days :-)

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