Friday, February 29, 2008

About the Labels

The labels are similar to a cookbook's main headings with a few additions/changes.

The first is "Dairy" because we should be consuming 3 servings a day (especially young children and pregnant women); the recipes in this category help meet that goal.

"Make Ahead" and "Freezer Meals" are a life-saver for anyone with time constraints. The meals in these categories have been made ahead and/or frozen in our households, so we know they work. Slow-cooker meals will fall under "Make Ahead" since most of the work is done ahead of time.

There will also be "Breakfast," "Lunch," and "Appetizer/Snacks" categories since our young children need good meals all day long!

"Babies/Toddlers" refer to tips, information, and recipes that are specifically for those little ones. Most recipes on "Full Tummies" cater to these ages as well, but this category showcases some special ones.

"Tuesday's Toddler Tidbits" refers to menus/articles/meals/tips posted on Tuesdays that are especially loved by toddlers!

"Kids in the Kitchen" includes recipes and tips to help your kids start cookin'!

"Homemade Convenience" refers to homemade versions of food people normally buy for convenience; these recipes enable you to whip up homemade versions, often ahead time--thus, the "convenience."

"Website Reviews" will include reviews of every website listed under the "Resources" collection.

"Cookbook Reviews" will include reviews of cookbooks we think are worth noting--either for good qualities or bad.

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