Friday, February 29, 2008

Super Foods!

My husband discovered a book recently called Super Foods (by Stephen Pratt) that outlines the 14 top foods we should be consuming. Essentially, these foods are the best bang for your buck, nutritionally speaking. An interview with the author lists these foods and some of the ways to incorporate them into your lifestyle. I think the most encouraging thing is that these foods are so readily available and good. Who doesn't like oranges, oats, blueberries, turkey, sweet potatoes, etc.? We've actually simplified our diet some because of this book. For instance, zucchini is not a super food. So, since my toddler LOVES broccoli and spinach (which are highlighted in the book), why am I concerned that zucchini is not at the top of her list? Most of my recipes on this blog will be influenced by this list of foods. It's not hard since the foods Pratt includes are already on our own favorites list. Read the interview and then check the book out (the book lists "sidekicks" or substitutes that are almost as good nutritionally as the ones on the list; for instance, sweet potatoes are a sidekick to pumpkin). You will be encouraged that you can eat healthily, easily, and economically. Focus on what to eat, not simply what not to. We're going to have stir fry tonight with chicken breast, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and onions in an orange-y sauce (over brown rice). Very authentic tasting, very yummy, and "super."

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