Saturday, March 1, 2008

About This Site

full tummies is technically a blog, but we think of it more as an interactive cookbook. We are sisters in Christ as well as by birth, and we will be sharing recipes we have grown up eating, recipes we have married into, recipes our current families love, and new recipes we are trying. These are recipes we enjoy and those which guests often request! We are each feeding young children and a husband (check out the full tummies taste testers) and will focus primarily on those recipes which our ENTIRE families like. Our goal: to feed the whole family (birth on up) tasty, healthy food that is realistic economically and time-wise. Betsy is the primary author; Carrie will contribute when she can! We work on a budget, have the normal time constraints of stay-at-home-moms of young children, love to entertain, and are tempting a wide variety of palates!

Because full tummies is more of an interactive cookbook than a journal of our eating experiences, we won't be posting our failures or narrating much of our actual cooking experience. Sometimes we will have weeks where we focus on a particular theme, such as freezer meals, chili, or using up garden bounty. We'll be posting recipes we may have made three weeks ago, but which we are just now finding the time to post! We also don't own many different colored plates or dishes, nor do we have state of the art photographic equipment. Unfortunately, that means there won't be glamorous, delicious-looking photos for every recipe. We're usually too busy trying to get food on the table for our hungry little urchins to stop and take a picture. We'll post photos when we can.

We hope you enjoy full tummies and that it inspires you to cook well, creatively, and healthily for your family. Please let us know which recipes you are trying and which ones work well for you!

Click here for our recipe abbreviations and measurements.

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