Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Croutons for Breakfast!

I discovered these accidentally out of desperation a few weeks ago. Breakfast in our house is rather a chaotic affair; it reminds me of a mother bird trying to feed her clamoring baby birds all at the same time. I'm always looking for food that my 10-month old twins can feed themselves while I feed my toddler, husband, and myself. So, I tried out toast. Only, the toast was still a little soft, too soft for me to feel comfortable throwing it to the twin baby birds. What if it gums up in their mouths and chokes them? What if they tear off too big a piece, and it chokes them? What if,.... So, I grabbed my handy, dandy pizza cutter (a must in a house with young children!!), cut the already-buttered-toast up in small bite-sized pieces, threw it back in the toaster oven for another go 'round, and voila! Breakfast Croutons! The boys LOVE them. I can toast the initial bread early, butter it while it's hot (I now butter both sides), make the rest of breakfast, and then throw the croutons in for their second toast while I'm dishing up everyone else's breakfast. Then we all eat at reasonably the same time (and I can eat my eggs before they're stone cold). AAaahhh, the mother bird eats, too. (And baby birds have stopped peeping and chirping because they're shoveling in their own food--such independence.)

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Bridgette said...

Cool idea! I'm going to try that one.