Monday, May 12, 2008

Lunches on the Go

Well, as summer looms and nice weather beckons, kids and parents generally rush for the great outdoors--so ready for some freedom from classrooms and homes after winter's cold and spring's rain. So, what do you take for lunch on those glorious park days? What about snacks to keep handy in the car in case the spirit moves and you happen to spend two extra hours at the zoo than you had planned? Sure you can stop by Chick-Fil-A once in a while, but those fast food stops add up in your budget and on your waistline. Below are some suggestions of portable food that is reasonably healthy and kid-friendly (and also requires little to no refrigeration or prep):
  • milk boxes (did you know you can now buy milk boxes in the aisle with the juice boxes? no refrigeration needed!)
  • 100% juice boxes
  • whole grain Goldfish
  • other whole grain crackers: Triscuits, whole grain Wheat-Thins, whole grain Melba Toast, etc.
  • fruit such as grapes or bananas (no need to cut up when you arrive at your destination)
  • string cheese (you can also find Cheddar cheese sticks and other varieties packaged like string cheese)
  • raisins and other boxed dried fruit (Disney makes small boxes of mixed dried fruit)
  • 100 calorie packages of cookies and other "sweet" snacks
  • veggies and dip: you can buy Ranch dressing in small lunch-size cups; they come packaged together 4 (or 6) to a box. Carrots hold up well for lunches.
  • Pita bread or tortillas don't get crushed as easily as bread
  • put peanut butter or hummus in small containers and use as dip or spreads
  • nuts
  • muffins (you can freeze the night before and they will hold their shape better)
  • tuna salad and crackers kits

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