Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Greens Recipes

I always thought I didn't like "greens." For Southerners, this is a fairly wide category, and most grocery stores carry the rather ubiquitous collards, turnip greens, and, occasionally, mustard greens. I always sail past those, turning my nose up at the memory of thoroughly cooked greens that my grandfather then dipped cornbread in at the dinner table. Yuk.

But, I recently discovered baby greens--a whole different vegetable! They're definitely worth a try and they're still in season (in fact, some greens will grow throughout the year). If you can find a farmer's market that has the baby variety, try some! We actually found ours at a little Asian grocery store and are planning a return trip because we enjoyed them so much. A nice change from salad. We haven't converted the kids, yet, but there's still time.

Here are links to two recipes we really like (and the baby bok choy recipe is incredibly easy):

Baby Bok Choy with Garlic (Recipe #104240)
Ontario Greens (first recipe on the page) (we made ours with baby mustard greens)

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