Saturday, June 7, 2008

Healthy Summer Desserts

Summer is perhaps the BEST and EASIEST season to cut back on sugar. Why? There is so much fresh fruit that needs little to no adornment, delivers a vitamin boost, and curbs your sugar cravings! Below are some of our favorite summer "desserts":

1. Watermelon (growing up, our family of four would quarter a watermelon, each wield a knife and fork, and go to town.... Mmmmm....)

2. Peaches (peel if you want, slice/chop, and sprinkle with a small amount of sugar. Let sit while you eat dinner. They'll be ready for a decadent-tasting, low calorie, perfect summer dessert. No cake or cobbler topping needed!)

3. Berries (all berries are divine with a little heavy cream poured over....)

4. Fruit salad (use this as your final course for dinner and you won't be craving dessert; melons, berries, bananas, peaches and/or nectarines all are good and can all be cut up ahead of time)

5. Fruit and cheese platter (this is a good appetizer as well; apples, grapes and melons work well paired with various cheeses)

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