Saturday, August 9, 2008

Enjoyable and Hospitable: benefits of cooking for your freezer

Part of the "Meals for a Month" series.

We really enjoy practicing hospitality at our house, but with three small children, that enjoyment sometimes is eclipsed by stress. When I have a freezer full of meals, hospitality is so much easier and more fun! We have friends coming in town twice this month to stay with us. I made sure I had a couple of full-sized lasagnas, a big meatloaf, and lots of marinated chicken to grill as part of my cooking day line-up. Entertaining will be easy, kid-friendly (one couple has twin 5-year-old girls), and I won't be spending the whole time in the kitchen.

Having my freezer full also enables me to take a meal to someone who's sick or just had a baby without adding a huge ordeal to my day. Again, with three small children, it's often hard for me to whip something up at the spur of the moment (and NO trip to the store is quick with them).

I really enjoy cooking. When I got to spend a whole day (or two) on just cooking, it was so much fun! I really had a good time. It was kind of a rush getting to fix so many great-looking meals without worrying about an immediate deadline (that night for instance) or dealing with sibling squabbles while trying to throw something together.

*Since writing this originally, we have hosted the couple with the twin girls. I made one meal while they were here and used a great meatloaf from the freezer for the other--it was a huge success and I didn't have to spend much time cooking!

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