Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog Award

Erin, over at $5 Dinners, has given me a blog award! Thanks! So, I'm to pass this on to a few bloggers I read.... I suppose I should pass this on to blogs that are more than merely personal friends/their lives.

1. My Favorite Things (Bridgette's favorite products and "things" as she raises her first toddler)
2. The Grocery Cart Challenge (I enjoy reading about Gayle's attempts to live within the budget and am constantly amazed at her ingenuity and inspired to try the recipes she links to)
3. Dust and Clay (my friend from college--love her thought-provoking posts)
4. Jill's Crazy Life (fun entries related frequently to food)
5. Always Alli (another college friend--her pictures are awesome!!)

1 comment:

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

Thanks Betsy! I've been out of the loop this week and I almost missed this post.