Sunday, September 7, 2008

Favorite Fall Salad

This is inspired by a combination of salad ingredients given in America's Test Kitchen Family Favorites Cookbook. It's easy to whip up if you have the dressing on hand. I make it for myself for lunch frequently if I'm already cutting up apples and cheese cubes for the kids because the rest of the ingredients are just tossed in. Enjoy! (It's also very good with turkey lunchmeat chopped up and mixed in)

Spinach or other salad greens of choice
Apple, peel on, chopped into bite-size pieces
Cheese cubes or crumbles (Cheddar is best)
Basic Vinaigrette

Just toss and serve the amounts of your preference (and number of servings needed). It also makes a great side salad if you're having pork roast or turkey.

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