Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday's Toddler Tidbits #4

(See here for an explanation of Tuesday's Toddler Tidbits)

We were in town this whole week, so this is a more typical week (we eat seasonal produce when possible and I also lean heavily on those veggies my kids will eat--so you'll notice a lot of those if you follow this menu week after week: broccoli, spinach, peas, sweet potatoes being the top choices). Serving sizes, where applicable, in parentheses. Remember, these are my offerings to the little toddler tummies...when food offered is not consumed and I know they've eaten it in the past, I assume the tummies are still full from the last offering. Here's the lineup:

  • Breakfast: nutrigrain bars (1/per toddler), cheese cubes, chopped peaches, milk to drink
  • Lunch: chicken nuggets, cantaloupe, milk
  • Dinner: toast, steamed peas and carrots, milk (can't remember what else)
  • Breakfast: Cheerios, cheese, mandarin oranges, milk
  • Lunch: 1/2 peanut butter-and-honey sandwich, banana slices, milk to drink
  • Afternoon Snack: water in their sippy cups; 3 animal crackers
  • Dinner: chicken nuggets (unexpected company, so the kids didn't get the good chicken... oh well), baked potato (1/4 large potato), peas
  • Breakfast: Microwave Poached Egg on Toast with 1 slice cheese on top, 1/4 of a GINORMOUS peach, milk to drink
  • Lunch: Cottage Cheese and Spinach Gratin, leftover baked potato (1/4 potato), peas and carrots
  • Afternoon Snack: water and some Cheezits
  • Dinner: beans, green beans, roll (1/2 per toddler), cottage cheese (for older toddler), corn on the cob (for older toddler), sausage patties, brownies, water to drink
  • Breakfast: leftover cottage cheese and spinach gratin, mandarin oranges, Life cereal (dry), milk to drink
  • Lunch: 4 Ritz crackers with peanut butter on top; watermelon; milk to drink (had animal crackers at the store to tide them over so they weren't very hungry...)
  • Afternoon Snack: none
  • Dinner: hot dog, peas and carrots, cottage cheese, oyster crackers, nutrigrain bar, milk to drink (they were hungry and this was the fastest dinner I could get on the table after an afternoon outside)
  • Breakfast: hard-boiled eggs (1/toddler), blueberry muffins, 1/4 ginormous peach, milk to drink
  • Lunch: Pumpkin Yogurt, can't remember what else!
  • Dinner: Beef and Potato Pie, green beans, chopped plums, milk to drink
  • Breakfast: nutrigrain bar, cheese cubes, chopped peaches, milk to drink
  • Lunch: grilled ham and cheese sandwich, cantaloupe and watermelon chunks, milk to drink
  • Dinner: Hot dogs*, cantaloupe and watermelon chunks, hash brown casserole, green beans, chocolate pound cake (for oldest toddler), and milk to drink (*it was my father-in-law's birthday dinner and the grownups had beef tenderloin; we opted not to sacrifice any to the nondiscriminatory palates of the under-three crowd!)

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