Sunday, March 1, 2009

Menu Planning: A "Normal" Week

Aaahh... a normal week to menu plan --and we actually followed our menu pretty closely. This being the last week of the month, a month during which I stock-piled cereal, we didn't have much money to work with; we're trying to eat from that pantry/freezer stockpile! 

Sunday: Lunch at friends' house (finishing up their YUMMY Cajun food from the Mardi Gras party the night before); dinner was leftovers from our meals earlier in the weekend
Monday: Falafel from mix, Tzatziki sauce, pitas, Greek salad, sweet potato fries 
Tuesday: Mediterranean Salmon Patties and leftover Tzatziki sauce (Tzat. sauce from different recipe than the one featured on the salmon patties recipe); Speedy Rosemary Green Beans; Barley or Rice
Wednesay: Roast Chicken with New Potatoes; steamed broccoli
Thursday: Breakfast for dinner (omelets and bacon probably)
Friday: Pizza (from Papa John's!)
Saturday: Barley Soup  (I used chicken stock made from Wed's chicken instead of the vegetable stock called for) and Cornbread

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