Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two-Week March Menu

Per Simple Mom's genius inspiration, I've made a two-week menu for March that I'll just repeat the second half of the month. I've got some ideas for April in mind already, partly due to the sales on beef at Target this month! Here's my menu below, in case you're interested in doing something similar. You'll notice that the main dish is the most scripted; the sides are sometimes vague--whatever I have on hand that week! I've had to move things around some, but I was able to buy my supplies at the beginning of the month and know that we had meals planned.

Week 1:
  • Monday: Roast Chicken (whole); Starch*; Green veggie (ended up being broccoli); carrot sticks
  • Tuesday: Black Beans with Orange and Sausage (which I burned... and went to Wed's meal); crudite
  • Wednesday: Sticky Skins (potatos stuffed with chicken, BBQ sauce, and cheese); steamed veggies (1st week of month we go to church on Wed, so this was a good meal to put in for Tuesday's burned one...)
  • Thursday: Chicken Korma, green veggie, rice (make extra for tomorrow night!)
  • Friday: Gyoza (Chinese pork dumplings; make extra to freeze for repeat week); Fried Rice; Broccoli Slaw
  • Saturday: Stuffed Bread and Crudite
  • Sunday: (Lunch) Soup from freezer and sandwiches; (Dinner) Apple Dutch Babies and Bacon
Week 2:
  • Monday: Baked Chicken Leg Quarters, Sweet Potatoes, green veggies, bread
  • Tuesday: Baked Lentils with Cheese (1/2 recipe); salad or crudite; cornbread from freezer
  • Wednesday: Chicken Fajitas (w/leftover chicken from week 1 or marinated batch in freezer), Refried Beans, green veggie?
  • Thursday: Gumbo and Rice, green veg (froze half of gumbo for repeat week)
  • Friday: Ravioli with tomato sauce; salad or crudite; jello salad
  • Saturday: Pizza
  • Sunday: (lunch) soup from freezer and sandwiches; (dinner) omelets and muffins


Kim and Troy said...

Just curious about recipe for Gyoza, fried rice and also the sticky skins. Any chance you would be posting those recipes?

Betsy said...

I'll definitely be posting the gyoza, fried rice, and sticky skins recipes!