Friday, May 1, 2009

Full Tummies Maintenance Info

I'm taking a blogging sabbatical again (I do this every once in a while). During the month of May, there will be few recipes posted (only the ones I've already scheduled). I need to do a bit of blog maintenance--updating recipe indexes, etc. But, I encourage any faithful readers to do the following:

Subscribe if you don't feel like checking back every once in a while to see if anything's new (left-margin).

Comment!! I hear through the grapevine that people enjoy this little site, and that's fun to hear. While I started this really as a place to store my own favorite recipes, I'm delighted that other people enjoy it. Taking the time to go back to a recipe you enjoyed and commenting on it helps other readers know which recipes to try themselves.

Cook: Browse through the recipes already on here (you can use the recipe index link in the navigation bar under the title/header for that). Try something new.

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