Monday, August 10, 2009

Microwave Egg Sandwich

These are nice when everyone's eating at different times and/or you don't want to be left with any breakfast dishes to clean up. The bread is a bit tougher than it might be had you toasted it separately, fried the egg in a skillet, etc. etc. BUT you'd then have more stuff to clean up and it would take longer. My kids love these, and they've become a staple on busier mornings. Sometimes, they even eat two!

Recipe based on one from Recipezaar

1 slice bread
1 egg
1 slice American cheese
salt and pepper to taste
butter for bread

Place bread on microwave-safe plate. Spread butter thinly on bread. Mash bread insides down with fork (leaving a "rim" where the crust is--you don't want to poke holes in the bread, just flatten it some). Crack egg onto bread (don't allow the egg to touch the plate). Poke tines of fork into yolk a couple of times. Sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired. Microwave on 60% power until egg is done (about 1-1.5 minutes in my microwave). Remove and lay slice of cheese on top. Wait a minute or two. When cheese is melted, cut bread in half and put the two pieces together to make a small sandwich.

Serves 1

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