Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Menu Failure (sigh) and Change of Plans

We all have weeks like this: you plan a certain menu (or group of possibilities) assuming you'll make it to the store at least one time before the culmination of said "week." Right? A ha ha ha ha.... And you never make it to the store. I usually have enough food on hand to wait out a week of not going to the store; I have an easily accessible produce stand that opens super early in the morning--I can always run there for some fresh fruit, milk, and eggs. (To date, it's been 10 days since I last went to a regular grocery store....)

But, not getting to the store when I'd made my menu based on that very assumption? Well, I had to make changes. My "Texan" week is only half-way through and we're jumping ship. We have the fixin's for pinto beans and cornbread, but I spiced the pintos a bit too much for the tender palates of the under-5 crowd around here. I dropped the dish with the cooked sweet potatoes in it: it broke and all the sweet potatoes had bits of ceramic chard in them.... They got thrown away. I cooked a pork roast that was also thrown away (we're not sure if it was the recipe or the pork...either way, it was nasty). You should know that I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate throwing away food if I can avoid it. I tried another experiment that was mediocre at best. Tonight: hamburgers, fruit, and crudite. Maybe I'll whip up some cookies.

Tomorrow: hmm... baked potato bar with???? Bacon (some in the freezer), broccoli (also in freezer), cheese (getting mighty low on cheese--a truly perilous state of affairs for the aforementioned under-5 crowd), and butter (also getting low on butter--a truly perilous state of affairs for this 30-something butter ADDICT).

Slight chance I'll make it to the store after dinner tomorrow in which case: fajitas on Friday! We'll finish on a solid Texan note. We'll see.

I have the glorious gluttonous gastronomic delights to look forward to next week, so even if we round this week out eating pancakes, it'll be okay.

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