Saturday, December 5, 2009

Random Post: Counter Top Kitchen Appliances

So, this is completely random, but I'm wondering what everyone has on their kitchen counters. I know most of my "readers" don't usually comment because they, like me, are quickly checking for a recipe and dealing with young children at the same time. But this time, please comment!

Here's my question:

What is on your kitchen counter? What are your must-haves for kitchen counter top appliances?

I'm about to plunk down some serious change on a heavy-duty food processor, but only after I've evaluated my "needs" for a heavy-duty kitchen appliance. Currently, I don't own a mixer, but I'm leaning now towards a hand mixer (heavy duty one). My new food processor will probably let me give up my stand blender and just keep my immersion blender for small tasks. It should also allow me to get rid of my mini-food processor (the new one comes with 3 sizes of bowls), my regular cheap food processor, and avoid purchasing a heavy-duty mixer. I don't have many appliances on my counter right now, but there is plenty of other "stuff". Here's my list (I have an indecent amount of counter space, but half of it is sort of removed from the main prep areas; the items on the non-prep surfaces are asterisked):

coffee maker (grinder included in the maker)
bowl for breads/muffins
fruit bowl
cookbooks (5)*
radio (bigger than I'd prefer)*
knife block
utensil crock
toaster oven
pen/pencil cup*
junk basket
toothpick holder
bills/coupons organizer*
water pitcher/purifier

Crazy, isn't it? And yet, believe it or not, my counters have plenty of empty space if I can keep the kids' artwork, hubby's work-related clutter, mail, etc. off of them. What is it about an empty space that beckons people to dump "stuff" on it?

Here's my must-have kitchen appliance list (doesn't include non-electric stuff):

  • blender of some sort
  • food chopper/processor of some sort (I've used my mini one faithfully for years)
  • toaster or toaster oven
  • coffee maker (hubby's "must-have")
  • microwave (ours is built in)
  • crock pot (I go in spurts with this, but I think I still really want it)
  • mixer of some sort

Here's what I'm phasing out/what will get cut if I ever downsize the cabinet space I'm currently used to:
  • electric skillet
  • multiple blenders/food processor types--trying to condense
  • electric steamer (don't tell my hubby--it's his and I NEVER use it because I have a steamer insert that goes in my pots on the stove)
  • rice cooker (again, I never use this, but my hubby used to before we got married and so it's still in a cabinet)
So, what's on your counter? What is a "must" as far as electric appliances go? Bread machine? Rice Cooker? Toaster?


Velva said...

What an interesting question!! My kitchen counter has a coffee pot, a blender, a food processor, citrus squeezer, toaster and microwave.
There are three items that are a must have in my kitchen. A kitchen-Aid stand up mixer, a really good food processor and blender.

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

So currently my counter tops contain: cookbooks, a junk basket, an espresso maker, a coffee pot, toaster oven, knife block, cutting boards, fruit basket, a tool turnabout and two vases of tools. The two other appliances that I use the most are my kitchen-aid mixer and my kitchen-aid food processor. I love these two appliances, I just don't have space for them on my counter top.

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

I read this post today and thought of this post: