Friday, January 8, 2010

Creative Cooking: Using What We Have (Pantry Challenge)

Yesterday I KNEW we were out of milk, running low on flour, and only had 2 loaves of bread in the freezer. I also knew that wintry weather was blowing in. I, however, refused to join the paranoid and panicked long lines at the grocery store, people stocking up on milk and bread. Since when, here in the Southeast, have we REALLY been snowed in without being able to make it to the store???

Mwha ha ha ha ha ha

So, my husband has been able to make it to work today which means that he will be able to stop by the store and get us the essentials. However, early this morning that wasn't looking likely and I had to think quickly to figure out breakfast. What kind of breakfast can we get together without milk? Pancakes with powdered milk (but I was out of syrup). Eggs and... Oatmeal with no milk added. Cheese and bread. Lots of options, here. I went with the super yummy and dairy free pumpkin chocolate chip muffins at $5 Dinners. We had scrambled eggs on the side. We're eating the muffins again for lunch (super yummy).

I realized, though, that we had an abundance of food in this house. We could stay snowed in for days... weeks, even, without needing outside food. Now, our meals would get pretty creative and there would be a dearth of fruit by the end. However, we'd have plenty of veggies, meat, and starch (rice/noodles). So, I've decided I need to commit the Pantry Challenge that's going around. I'm not on facebook, so I won't be officially joining, but I'll be participating nonetheless.

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