Tuesday, October 26, 2010

November 2-week Menu

Can I just say that these 2-week menus have really saved us a bundle this fall! It's been a hard fall on a number of fronts--very, very busy and very cash-strapped. Knowing what's coming up in the menu rotation (and having some of it frozen) has enabled us to eat at home instead of giving into the tempting "eat out" option. This month, we're having some good ol' fashioned meals along with some inexpensive ethnic fare (lots of rice!). We're also recycling some meals from last month for which I still have the ingredients. Last month didn't exactly go as planned....

The Wednesday meals don't get repeated since we're usually at church the first Wed and last Wed of each month. * indicates meals that freeze well for round 2. ** indicates meals based largely on ingredients that can be frozen/stored in pantry for round 2, saving me grocery shopping time later!

You might be wondering where the turkey is in this menu.... we'll be at my in-law's for T'giving Day, and I'll be buying a turkey on sale this month to use next month!

Week 1

Week 2:
  • Monday: Chicken-n-rice**, green veggie
  • Tuesday: Broccoli-Potato Soup, crusty bread, crudite
  • Wednesday: Repeat of the TBA Wed meal from week 1
  • Thursday: Chicken-n-dumplings**, green veggie
  • Friday: Famous Chili*, cornbread**, salad or crudite
  • Saturday: TBA
  • Sunday: Leftovers for lunch; Mujadarrah* for dinner

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