Monday, October 11, 2010

Homemade Cakes

Let's face it: storebought cakes and cookies are definitely convenient, but they all taste... well... storebought. That means, they all taste kind of the same.

There are so many ridiculously easy cakes you can whip up at home from basic ingredients that taste so much better than most storebought cakes. You don't have to stock a wide variety of cake mixes either. Lots of cakes taste great without icing, too, making them even easier. The next time you are having a small get together, have to take a meal to someone, or just want a simple dessert to round out a family dinner, try whipping up one of these cakes below:

Pumpkin Cake
Baby Food (Plum) Cake
Texas Sheet Cake

Most all-purpose cookbooks also contain recipes for simple, one-bowl cakes. My Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks even has a tempting recipe for "busy day cake" that I've been meaning to try. So, before you make an emergency run to the store just for a "cake," try making one at home--you'll spend no more time than that store run, your kids can help, and the final product will be terrific!

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