Sunday, November 28, 2010

December Menu

December is a crazy month, isn't it? Once travels, Christmas parties, extra guests, and the general busyness are factored in, it seems ridiculous to try to menu plan much in advance. So, for this month, I'm listing my "options" and hope that I'm disciplined enough to pull from this list first before heading to the store to buy something quick and easy. I also want to keep most of the meals on the lighter side since there enough calories floating around this month as it is! I figure I need a good 15-20 meals to cover us for Nov. 28-Dec.31. The rest we can play by ear. I also will be taking food to a friend when she has her twin boys!! So, I'll make extra of the things that freeze well, like Creamy Peanut Chicken.

  • Black Bean Potage with rice and veggies
  • Pasta with Lentils and veggie/salad side dish (makes enough for 2 meals)
  • Broiled Chicken Sandwiches with chips and fruit (2 meals)
  • Roast Beef, potatoes, and veggies (2 meals or 1 plus roast beef hash mmmmm)
  • Chinese (egg rolls or pot stickers plus rice and stir-fried veggies) (2 meals)
  • Stir fry (2 meals)
  • Creamy Peanut Chicken over rice with broccoli on the side (1-2 meals)
  • Something with fish (2 meals)
  • Meatloaf, fancy spinach, potatoes (1-2 meals)
I have LOTS of chicken, plenty of rice, several bags of frozen veggies (peas, corn, etc.), some frozen bell peppers, lots of dried beans, some canned tomatoes, plenty of chicken stock, a couple boxes of pasta,... we can always make soup or whip something simple up with those ingredients. Looks like we're in good shape.

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