Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our CSA Adventure Begins.... this Saturday!

We joined a CSA today: community supported agriculture. These are the folks who let you buy a "share" and then deliver your "share" each week of whatever produce has been grown on their farm. The one we've joined is a Christian family, the Colvin Family Farm, which is kind of neat. We're going to start with the "small" box since we have a small garden going of our own and don't want to end up wasting produce. This will be a good test! Most CSA's start selling shares early in the calendar year; you commit for the growing season. The farm we joined is still selling some pro-rated shares, so we're able to join up mid-season. Ours will work out to $20/week for the small box. It's all organic produce and should inspire us to try some veggies we might normally skip over at the grocery store. We'll keep you updated! And probably start featuring recipes for things like kale on here.... (I've never bought kale in my entire life!)

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Bridgette said...

This is Philip's favorite soup and it has kale!!