Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Menu Plan for Fall 2011

Aahh... the age old question: What's for dinner?

As my little family gets busier, I keep adjusting my menu planning strategy to accommodate our health, our busy schedule, our budget, the kids' appetites, and... my increasing lack of interest in cooking. Yes! It's true! With grad school (2 more classes this fall), a kindergartner (come Monday), 4-year-old twins, and plain old life, I'm finding less and less interest in cooking because there are more interesting things to think about (or required things to think about). And we go out and do more stuff now since the kids are older.

And, we must eat. And, we're trying to do that on a budget. And, I don't have much time. I'm finally going to try a system I've scorned in the past because it didn't allow me enough creativity :-). It's the "If it's Monday, it's..." idea. Here's our tentative lineup (taking into account my class nights, days when we'll all be away from home most of the day, and so forth):

  • Monday: Meat and three (no doubt this will include lots of roast chicken and potatoes)
  • Tuesday: Tortillas (quesadillas, fajitas, burritos, wraps--whatever)
  • Wednesday: Breakfast
  • Thursday: Pasta
  • Friday: Beans and Rice
  • Saturday: Stir fry or Indian (this is basically Asian night)
  • Sunday: Soup/Sandwich for lunch--quick for after church; leftovers from the week for dinner
We'll see if I can conform! I have to this year. I'll just work our CSA shares into the mix as I can.

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