Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden + CSA Share Week 3 (6/07/12)

Our CSA adventure is in full force around here--somehow when we joined up mid summer last year, we managed to start right when all our usual favorites were in season (cucumbers being a biggie). This year, though, we've now successfully eaten chard, are about to finish up an entire (large) head of cabbage within one week, AND, today, we got turnips. I have never, to my knowledge, eaten a turnip. I've certainly never cooked one. No time like the present. I have a few cookbooks around and would love suggestions from the peanut gallery.

CSA Share
  • 1 large bunch radishes, all different colors (still learning to like these babies--any suggestions?)
  • 2 fresh onions
  • 3 turnips!!
  • 1 nice-looking head broccoli
  • 1 enormous head Napa cabbage... mmmm
  • 1 big head green leaf lettuce
  • 1 small box of DELICIOUS strawberries... not that the kids and I sampled on the way home or anything....
  • basil! We've finally got enough to harvest a few leaves
  • green tomatoes coming in--looks like our volunteers include several cherry types
  • mint, oregano, sage, marjoram coming out our ears 
  • watermelon plants planted, bell peppers planted, and some more cukes planted (sigh)

Possible Menu Ideas:
  • Gyoza if I have time (mmm...)
  • More salad
  • broccoli will be a side dish unless we try a big stir fry (which would help use up some of that cabbage)
  • turnip ideas??!!
Veggie Victories
As you'll see from our weekly menu-in-retrospect this Saturday, we've now watched our kids gobble down cabbage in the guise of Bierrocks AND one kid thoroughly enjoyed a portion of my zucchini frittata this morning. AND all three kids ate enormous bowls of salad this week (accompanied by bacon bits, egg, cheese, and Ranch...).  Here's hoping the turnips go down so well.

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