Monday, July 30, 2012

Fall 2012 Menu Rotation

The last year or so, I've planned a basic weekly meal schedule that has helped simplify each week's planning while still giving me some good flexibility. I am deviating from my Monday "Meat and 3" routine for the first time in YEARS because my schedule has changed some.

Here's what we've got going on this semester:

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday: kids in school in the a.m. (including bagged lunch)

Wednesday/Thursday: evening class for me  ☺

Grocery shopping on Mondays--miscellaneous food prep (chopping veggies, cutting carrot sticks, freezing stuff, etc.) on Monday afternoons.

CSA pickup on Thursdays (through October)

Wanting to be healthy, simple, AND cheap (hah!)

So, here's my plan:

  • Monday: Meatless Monday (something veggie-based)
  • Tuesday: Meat and 3
  • Wednesday: Picnic night (sandwiches, chips, etc.); we'll make double and everyone will have their lunch automatically made for the next day!
  • Thursday: Tortilla night (wraps, burritos, quesadillas, etc.)
  • Friday: Rice-based (beans and rice, stir-fry, etc.)
  • Saturday: Quick and Easy (stir-fries, pasta dishes, etc.)
  • Sunday: Leftovers for lunch; breakfast for dinner
If you do one of these types of plans for you/your family, take into account days/nights you'll have more time to cook, the day you go grocery shopping, etc.  I don't like deli lunchmeat sitting in the fridge for a while, but I'm fine buying it on Monday and eating it on Wed/Thursday. We need meals with easy clean-up and predictable kid-appeal for Wed/Thurs so Daddy isn't coming home from a long day at work only to do battle over dinner (and deal with big cleanup) while Mommy takes her class ☺. And so forth.

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