Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keepin' It Real

You know you secretly rejoice when a blogger lets you see the "real" life behind the blog, don't you? I know I do--sometimes it's hard to remember that a blog is an intentional, particular reflection of a part of someone's life. I don't share pictures of my messy house, my cluttered kitchen, or my failed recipes on full tummies because that's not its purpose. I want to preserve the recipes that worked and the good kitchen memories. ☺

But just to make everyone feel better, here's the low down today:
  • I had a 2.5 hour window between getting home from school (and after school activities) and when my class starts tonight (first meeting for this class this semester... no pressure ☺).
  • When we got home, I scrubbed down crying children who played hard this week and got DIRTY.
  • I also typed up a room mom handout.
  • I supervised some computer games for some children who earned them ☺.
  • I cleaned out three lunch boxes, one of which had spilled yogurt in it.... yummy.
  • Looked through papers and folders that arrived home from school, signed appropriate ones, threw some away ☺, and filed a few.
  • I picked up some random veggies from the CSA on the way home--still haven't looked at it much except to note that we got MORE eggplant (??!! sigh) and two nice-looking cantaloupes
  • Dinner needs to be ready in 30 minutes and I still don't know what we're having. 
  • I'm too tired to make anything other than sandwiches--which is what we had LAST night AND for lunch today ☺.
  • But it feels good to share all this with cyber space... ☺
Just one of those days, you know? The sun'll come out tomorrow...


Betsy said...

A sweet comment I got via email!
Here is what we had for supper tonight. I made up a baking powder type biscuit . but just flattened it out. ( while I was making this I par boiled a dozen sausages in a fry pan with water). Then cut the flattened dough in 12 squares and drained the sausages. Rolled them up in the biscuit and baked in a pre heated oven on a greased cookie sheet, for 15 minutes. Served with a side green salad of baby lettuce out of the garden , a few green onions chopped and a tomato cut in 1/8 s.
There were lots for supper ( actually we only wanted 1 each). The rest are in the fridge and will become lunch tomorrow with pork and beans ( cause I’m hungry for them!) . and from there I will see ( hubby will probably sneak them from the fridge and think I didn’t notice! LOL). Makes a dozen sausages go a long way, and when I make that we don’t eat any bread so that’s another plus.
Hope this is an easy idea that your family would like.
Pat in Kitchener

Betsy said...

I should add, too, that that recipe looks GREAT. I'll have to remember that next time I'm in a crunch. For the record, we ended up having something my sister does a lot: chopped up a zucchini and a carrot finely in the food processor, sauteed them until tender in a bit of olive oil, poured in a can of spaghetti sauce plus some fresh basil from the garden, and tossed the whole mess with some penne. Tasty, pretty quick, and pretty healthy.

Betsy said...

Another comment via email:
Loved this post. You are human after all. Like you even more.