Monday, November 19, 2012

Menu? What Menu?

Best laid plans and all that aside... I can't even follow my OWN menus for more than a day or two.... No wonder I have issues with an outside menu source being too prescripted.

Today, I *fully* intended to keep to the plan and make BBQ chicken, bok choy, and something with winter squash. I flip open trusty Bittman to find a good temp to bake said chicken at when what to my wondering eyes do I see? Roast Chicken Parts over Celery/Carrots/Fennel (or something like that). Hmm... must read on....

I have lots of carrots to use up and this would still be baking the chicken. I also have an acorn squash looking at me from the counter. So I flip to the veggies chapter. Roasted acorn squash, eh? Sounds tasty. Oh, I can sub in some sweet potatoes? I have some of those, too....

15 minutes later, I have sliced carrots and sweet potatoes on 2/3 of my jelly roll pan, drizzled with olive oil and salted and peppered. On the opposite end are my two acorn squash halves, filled with orange juice and zest and brown sugar and butter.... What could possibly be wrong with THAT scenario? Ten minutes of roasting (at an in between temperature since the two recipes were slightly different), then the chicken breasts get plopped on top of the carrots/sweet potatoes.

30 minutes later? DELICIOUS!!! I served steamed broccoli and biscuits on the side. To be fair, I did include the planned for chicken and acorn squash. Just changed it all up.

Tomorrow, we'll tackle that bok choy--which we DO like--alongside the leftover chicken. Maybe.

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