Saturday, May 11, 2013

Strawberries and Chicken Korma

Strawberries and Chicken Korma might be a weird sounding combination, but they represent two significant events for the full tummies household.

Number One: Strawberries are IN!!!
Mmmmm.... We wait all year for this big buckets of South Carolina strawberries to make it over the mountains and to our local produce market and then... we engage in strawberry gluttony for a week or two. Oh yeah, baby. Glut.ton.y.

Number Two: Chicken Korma at the Indian Restaurant
Last night we took our children to our favorite Indian restaurant in town. Does this restaurant have a kids' menu? Definitely not. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. After all, kids in India eat this stuff, right? We split a Chicken Korma entree between the three of them, ordered some extra naan, and gave them all some pappadum to try, too. The verdict: they liked it!!! (We believe Chicken Korma is the gateway drug to enjoying Indian restaurants, so this is only just the beginning). It was also a small victory to manage a restaurant sans kids' menu.

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