Friday, December 6, 2013

Easy Appetizer

This time of year often involves lots of entertaining and fellowship. I've started serving up a very simple appetizer that always disappears. No cooking, minimal prep, and healthy to boot. Try this at your next gathering.

Gather an assortment of nuts, fruit (Clementines are ideal, but grapes also work well), and cheeses. Crackers are totally optional.

I get a nice-looking tray or board, pour nuts in a pretty bowl, and place a few Clementines on the board. I peel one to two Clementines. If I'm serving cheese, I'll put a few slices or cubes out. Napkins are all you need. Folks grab a few bites here and there and, even if kids "spoil their appetites," they're still eating nourishing food. Bonus: the fruit makes it so pretty! Folks seem to welcome lighter, simpler fare in the midst of all the rich food this time of year.

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