Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Everyday Okra

Now, we Southerners love us some okra. But my Yankee husband can't stand it. I'll eat it pickled, fried, in gumbo, in stir fries...but my favorite is this simple sautéed version. My boys like it this way, too, and when we're busy--this is the way I make it. We've been getting the perfect amount from the Colvins the past few weeks: just enough for me to indulge and to throw a pod or two to the boys.

Everyday Okra

olive oil

Heat a skillet with a "pour" of olive oil in it over medium to medium high heat. In the meantime, slice the stems off the okra--if you slice right through that little black line that divides the pod from the stem, you can avoid some of the sliminess that folks find offensive. The seeds will remain covered and the pod will hold together better.

Throw in your okra and a touch of salt. Saute until pods are soft and some sides are dark brown/blackened.

This will take 10 minutes or so. Serve immediately!

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