Thursday, August 28, 2014

Green Tomatoes?!

Gardeners don't waste any of their crop if they can help it. Is it any wonder that Southerners learned how to fry up green tomatoes into delicious-ness? Why waste something that tastes great? By this point in the summer, we've gorged on the red and yellow ones, and now that cooler weather is (perhaps) on the horizon, we're willing to sacrifice some green ones before they ripen.

So, you have some green tomatoes from your garden or a CSA box (like mine from the Colvins!) or even from a local produce stand because you were curious. What can you do with them besides fry them? Glad you asked!

Try one of these recipes--two are for condiments and two are for baked goods. All freeze just fine (bonus!).

Green Tomato Ketchup (tastes almost like BBQ sauce)

Green Tomato Relish (tastes similar to salsa)

Green Tomato Bread (kind of like zucchini bread)

Green Tomato Cake (like an apple spice cake)

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