Monday, April 14, 2008

Power Cooking

"Power Cooking" is really a better description than "Once-a-Month-Cooking." Used by Pampered Chef, it refers to any cooking you might do in bulk in order to stock your freezer. There are three primary types:
  • Once-a-Month-Cooking (OAMC): Spend an entire day and cook enough meals to put in your freezer to feed your family for an entire month (or more).
  • Afternoon Cooking: Spend an afternoon (or morning or evening) preparing perhaps enough meals for 2 weeks or simply enough to have some extras on hand.
  • Daily Double: Simply doubling recipes here and there as you feed your family; you'll have a steadily rotating stock of meals in the freezer to pull from as you need them.
Below are links to information, tips, and tricks for Power Cooking, however you decide to do it. (Most are from this blog.) If you want to jump right in, see the Freezer Meals Recipe Index.

Sample Cooking Day Line-Ups

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Megan S. said...

You're such a "useful" friend. :-) I'm using you right alongside OAMC and Frozen Assets as a resource for planning our first "official" frozen meal prep day! (I'm already accustomed to freezing an extra batch when making dinner) Thanks!