Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday's Toddler Tidbits #2

(See here for an explanation of Tuesday's Toddler Tidbits)

We spent the second half of the week out of town vising my parents, but things were pretty similar to normal I suppose. Serving sizes, where applicable, in parentheses. Remember, these are my offerings to the little toddler tummies...when food offered is not consumed and I know they've eaten it in the past, I assume the tummies are still full from the last offering. Here's the lineup:

  • Breakfast: 1 hard-boiled egg per toddler, 1/3 sliced large banana, 1/4 cup cheese cubes, dry Life cereal, milk
  • Lunch: (animal crackers in car on way home from church) chopped broccoli (1/4 cup each), chili dog pie (1/3 cup each), sliced grapes (1/4 cup each), milk
  • Dinner: 2 large pb&j sandwiches split 3 ways, pumpkin yogurt with applesauce (~1/3 cup per toddler), 2 large Ryvita fruit crisp crackers split 3 ways, milk
  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs (4 eggs for 3 toddlers), 1 large banana split 3 ways, cereal medley, milk
  • Lunch: fruit salad, Goldfish crackers, cheese cubes, ham lunch meat, water to drink
  • Afternoon Snack: none; water in their sippy cups
  • Dinner: milk, chopped cooked broccoli (finally done with those leftovers!), rice, Creamy Peanut Chicken--my toddlers INHALED this, so I'll definitely be posting the recipe. It's also a freezer meal--bonus!
  • Breakfast: cottage cheese pancakes (1/3 recipe each!), 1 can mandarin oranges in juice split 3 ways; milk
  • Lunch: peas and carrots, cheese pita (no one ate much--still full from breakfast no doubt), milk to drink
  • Afternoon Snack: just a cup of water (oldest toddler snacked all afternoon--trail mix, grapes, etc.)
  • Dinner: fancy spinach (split 3 ways), leftover peas and carrots, leftover rice from last night, milk
  • Breakfast: cereal medley, juice, eggs (can't remember exactly)
  • Lunch: chicken nuggets, milkshake, mandarin oranges, water/milk (Wendy's!)
  • Afternoon Snack: 3 animal crackers/toddler; water
  • Dinner: green beans (1 per kid--they don't like them much), turkey, rice and gravy, milk to drink
  • Breakfast: strawberries, dry Cheerios, scrambled eggs, milk
  • Lunch: hot dogs, grapes, cheese toast (slice of cheese melted onto hot dog bun or other bread)
  • Afternoon Snack: animal crackers (trail mix for oldest toddler)
  • Dinner: pork roast, sweet potatoes, broccoli, something else--can't remember! milk to drink
  • Breakfast: cheese cubes, pancakes, strawberries, milk to drink
  • Lunch: cheese and crackers, juice, trail mix for oldest toddler, grapes (we were at the zoo)
  • Dinner: leftover pork roast, leftover sweet potatoes, fancy spinach, leftover broccoli, cantaloupe, crackers, milk to drink (they were hungry from their day at the zoo!)
  • Breakfast: leftover fancy spinach (believe it or not), dry Cheerios, grapes, yogurt for oldest toddler, milk to drink
  • Lunch: 2nd Saturday in a row for Cracker Barrel! 1 Sunrise Sampler split 3 ways: biscuits, hashbrowns, apples, scrambled eggs, sausage, water to drink
  • Dinner: 1/2 peanut butter and jelly sandwich, milk, 2-3 doritos per kid

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Bridgette Boudreaux said...

I have to say "I love you" and your kids eat way more than Ethan! I guess that's why he is a little string bean kiddo. Maybe the sibling competition has something to do with it!