Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two-Week April Menu

My March 2-week menu worked great, so I've made up one for April. For this in-between week, I'm finishing up a couple of things that didn't get made, but were already in the pantry/freezer (Chicken Korma, stir-fry, falafel, etc.).

Considerations for April:
  • cheap beef! (thanks to my friend Alicia and some deals at Target she noticed)
  • pork loin on hand (can be left in freezer in case ham goes on big-time sale around Easter)
  • twins' birthday
  • Easter
  • need to use up freezer supplies so we can defrost that baby!
  • trying to make meat stretch--partly for health reasons; you'll notice that on a big meat-entree night, I usually have several sides so we're not tempted to fill up on tons of meat...
*indicate recipes I'll be posting when time allows (and if they're worthy of posting!)

Week 1
  • Monday: Pot Roast*, green beans, mashed potatoes, bread
  • Tuesday: Tangy Roast Beef Sandwiches (using leftover roast beef), baked beans from scratch, fresh veggies/slaw/salad (Might change this to Roast Beef Salad and leftover bread...)
  • Wednesday: Cowboy Pie* (with leftover baked beans), fruit salad, veggie of some sort
  • Thursday: Baked Fish*, spinach orzo,* sweet potatoes
  • Friday: Pasta with chicken (leftover from March roast chickens), pesto, and veggies
  • Saturday: Tofu stir-fry*
  • Sunday: Black bean/corn/tomato/chicken salad wraps* (lunch); breakfast for dinner

Week 2:
  • Monday: Pork Roast, sweet potatoes, green veggie, bread
  • Tuesday: Beef Daube* (like stew), noodles, green veggie
  • Wednesday: Red Beans and Rice (w/sausage), fresh veggies
  • Thursday: Indonesian vegetable platter (gado gado),* bread
  • Friday: Pork with Broccoli and Noodles
  • Saturday: Souvlaki (chicken or pork) in pitas, tabbouleh or Greek salad, fruit OR Chicken Satay*, rice, green veggie (salad, steamed, whatever)--depends on the mood; ingredients are very similar
  • Sunday: Leftovers (lunch); breakfast for dinner

  • leftovers straight up
  • salad with leftover roast beef, gorgonzola, etc. on bed of greens
  • pork sandwiches
  • wraps with bean and rice dishes
  • feta chicken salad (still using up leftover chicken!) in pitas
  • Chick Pea Salad
  • Mediterranean Chicken Salad*

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Hey, Betsy! I finally made it to your blog. Hope to see you when I get back from Jacqueline's!

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