Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Handed Down Recipes

Part of my purpose in starting this blog was to have a place in which to record all the handed-down recipes that have accumulated over the years in various notebooks, recipe boxes, and cookbook bindings. It's also a place where all the family know they can turn when they need "Grandmother's Candied Sweet Potatoes" or another family favorite. I'm about to finish recording my last stack of recipe cards into this cyber cookbook and it's with a touch of sadness: I'll be losing the handwritten records. Each person's handwriting is a little bit different. My own handwriting has changed over the years. Thus, each little card is a tangible memory, as it were, of the person who originally cooked me the recipe (or of my own interest in different types of recipes over the years). I'm glad I've put them on the blog because it means I won't lose them and/or can easily find them. But it's bittersweet.

On a more positive note: aren't old recipes fun?! The memory of eating that particular dish is kept intact by cooking the same dish and passing it on. So, browse around this blog and try some of our family favorites. The "family favorites" label will pull up recipes that have been in Carrie's and mine (or our husbands') family for at least a generation.

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