Thursday, August 19, 2010

Secret Recipes

Carrie and I were discussing our two secret recipes today. Yes, we do have them: a jalapeno jelly recipe (that is different from the one on this blog) and a chocolate chip cookie recipe (also different than anything on this blog). Why are they secret? We're not really sure. One of them is only passed down to folks who are born or married into my dad's family; my aunt wouldn't even give my mom the recipe when she and my dad were engaged. The other was given to my brother-in-law's family as a thank you present from a baker; I'm not even supposed to know the recipe (but that's what sisters are for, right?)!

I just had to confess that this blog doesn't even contain our two best recipes, but the ones that are on here are mighty, mighty good :).

Are there any secret recipes in your family?

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Lisa said...

harumph! Oh you can bet your panties that the next recipe you want from me will be a SECRET.


I'm here looking for that chocolate/oatmeal thing you made. Anna said "you need to get Betsy to tell you how to make those".