Wednesday, December 29, 2010

January Menu

Hmm.... I totally don't have a 2-week menu down for January. I'm trying to clean out the freezer so I can defrost it. So, here's what I have and some possible ideas for use:

LOTS of Italian sausage (maybe 3 pounds?)
1/2 meatloaf
1 sizable pork loin
1 whole chicken
2 family-sized bags of drumsticks
1 pound kielbasa
2 pounds cod
cooked turkey
1 ham (in fridge--we'll crack into this on New Year's)
1 ham bone (in addition to aforementioned ham)

black beans (2 pounds, dried)
chick peas (1 pound, dried)
red lentils
green lentils
wild rice and barley soup mix
several boxes/bags of pasta
several cans tomatoes
sun-dried tomatoes
chicken stock
rice (various kinds)

Looks like some Mexican and/or bean-based dishes, some pasta dishes, maybe some chili and/or soup, and a roasted pork loin among others. I think we can find plenty to eat for at least a few weeks without me adding to the stock pile in any way. If I'm diligent with my meal planning, we can work through the above almost entirely in a few weeks. We have a separate, very inefficient fridge/freezer in our basement and I'm trying to work it out of the current storage system entirely. This means that I need to defrost the big freezer and keep a few less odds and ends floating around--be more efficient with my use of freezer space :).

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