Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Cake (Ice Cream Cake, that is...)

Today is my boys' 5th birthday! In honor of their big day, we are, of course, celebrating with birthday cake. I thought I'd share our new tradition. In the fall, for my daughter's birthday, we celebrated with friends and family in the park and had strawberry cupcakes. No candles, though.... So, that night, my husband showed up with a small Carvel ice cream cake! They're in the freezer section at our local Kroger.

Today, we're doing the same thing with our boys. We did have cake and candles over the weekend with out-of-town family, but we still wanted something for their actual birthday.

The small cakes ("Lil Love" size) run around $10. When you factor in their yummy-ness and the fact that you'd be buying ice cream to go with a regular cake, the price suddenly sounds pretty good. And, you're not left with a lot of leftovers. AND, this momma doesn't have to make another cake ☺. And the kids love it!

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