Thursday, May 31, 2012

CSA Week 2 + Garden "Haul"

I know my regular subscribers are just dying to know what we did with the chard, bok choy, and other stuff from last week, aren't you all? Anyone check the blog with bated breath to see what amazing veggie creations we wrangled from our CSA haul? Ha ha ha ha... Just kidding. Still, I'll post some interesting, healthy, AND kid-approved recipes later, so stay tuned. And we did enjoy a lovely return of the Summer Squash, Pepper, and Polenta Casserole with some of the storebought veggies I needed to use up (actually, my husband and I enjoyed it; the kids? not so much).

In the meantime, here's this week's lineup.

CSA Share:
  • 2 HUGE and BEAUTIFUL heads of buttercrunch lettuce, one red and one green (the red one was an extra freebie--thanks, Colvins!!)
  • an assortment of summer squash (8-ball zucchini, some yellow crooknecks, and a couple of pattypans)
  • bag of spinach
  • a bulb of "green" garlic (fresh, basically)
  • a box of strawberries
  • a nice, large head of cabbage
  • cucumber seedlings died (sigh)
  • basil planted (finally--and it's hanging in there despite the heat this week)
  • some more assorted small plants waiting to find their permanent home in our raised bed (watermelons!, bell peppers, jalapeno, and... I think something else, but can't remember)
  • tomato volunteers from last year are now 3 + feet high AND some have started to bear fruit!! The type is still a mystery, but I'm betting one of them is a cherry given the tiny size of the green tomatoes.

Menu Possibilities
  • um, salad!
  • pasta, pesto, and summer squash (summer squash goes GREAT with pesto)
  • omelets with some of that spinach
  • roasted/grilled squash
  • Quick Creamed Cabbage
  • I need some more cabbage ideas! (I really like cabbage, but I stand alone on this one... Maybe some Easy Bierrocks or a Sausage/Onion/Cabbage crockpot dish...I also really like cabbage in stir-fries)

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