Saturday, June 2, 2012

Menu in Retrospect (6/2/12)

Since our lives are rather unpredictable, and I don't know what I'm getting in our CSA box week to week, it's easier for me to share our menu for the week previous.... And this week's will make you all feel SO MUCH better about your own family's eating since we have been a stellar commercial for nitrates, ketchup, and the like ☺.

Sunday: Quick and Easy Lunch: hot dogs....; Dad's Dinner: Chicken and waffles (yes, this is FRIED chicken and amazing yeasted-waffles...)

Monday: Meat and Three Baseball Game Style: hot dogs, Pepsi, and slushes...

Tuesday: Kid Night: Chicken nuggets, steak fries, and ketchup. Oh--and some watermelon? (can't wait to see what the other boy picks next week...)

Wednesday: at church for "work night": Pizza, ice cream (Hubby and I did have salads with this and kids had applesauce...)

Thursday: Chicken Sausage cooked in pan with caramelized onions (YUM YUM), Bok Choy with Double Garlic (YUM YUM--gave those stems a few minutes head start), simple mashed potatoes (including garlic caramelized in the pod with the onions); kids had frozen corn instead of the greens

Friday: (Camping out) Kielbasa/chopped potatoes/half-corn-on-the-cob wrapped up in foil; S'mores

Saturday: Stir-fry

Lunches were a bit healthier.... Hubby and I had Summer Squash, Sweet Pepper and Polenta Casserole a couple of days. We had sandwiches (pb&j), lots of watermelon and various other fruits, some side salads and entree salads, ....

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