Friday, September 28, 2012

PB&J: It's What's for Lunch... (Part 5)

 photo from cars & cake

We're at the end of our week looking at school lunches. Maybe you don't hate packing them like I do. Maybe you don't need the structure of a routine. Maybe you don't have the need for a subscription meal plan like emeals (my review) or Fresh20 for something as humdrum as lunch.

But perhaps you still need a bit of inspiration now and then. After all, even the most diehard peanut butter and jelly fans might appreciate a break now and then.

So, here is some online inspiration for you. Most of the sites listed below use containers similar to the ones my family uses (see the first link for a picture of what we use, too; they are MUCH cheaper than the "bento box" or "easy lunchbox" variety--look for them in your local grocery store); in addition, lots of these ideas can be made with leftovers and/or prepped while you're also doing dinner (i.e. cook some extra broccoli or whatever). I, for one, do not have time to prep darling little cute lunch boxes for my children all the time (hence the menu subscription plan), but these are fun to browse through for new ideas:

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