Thursday, August 8, 2013

CSA Week 9 (8/8/13)

YEA!! Veggies!! My friend Amy and I were talking a couple of days ago about how much we were looking forward to our veggies this week (she is a fellow Colvin shareholder and helps with the Maryville pick-up spot) after our two week absence. We're also excited about a longer fall season this year (we had to skip the past two weeks due to weather but fall veggies are a fun trade). The Lord has been gracious and has given us more sunshine these past two weeks. The weather is an extra reminder that the Lord is still the One who provides--despite our modern farming techniques, we can't control the weather.

Here's what we brought home today:
  • carrots! with tops!! (don't know much about carrot tops yet.... can we eat them? I'm assuming we need to cut them off soon regardless)
  • onions!
  • corn!
  • tomatoes!
  • basil!
  • lettuce!
It's hard to think of veggies that go better together than these. Fresh basil with garden-fresh tomatoes: mmm....

I have a couple of salad recipes to share with you these next couple of days that will use both your corn and your tomatoes (and your lettuce).

Also, these aren't in the shares, but they're worth scooping up: little orange cherry tomatoes. If you've never tried them, you MUST pick up a box when you're getting your share this week (assuming your pick-up is at a market spot where the Colvins are selling stuff, too). They are delicious. If you're not a shareholder, but frequent farmer's markets, make sure to look for these little beauties. One of my boys and I eat these like candy.

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