Wednesday, January 21, 2015

full tummies transition!

The few of you who actually read full tummies on a regular basis will no doubt have noticed a dearth of new posts in recent months. There's good reason for this. The full tummies household has moved across our great, wide country: from East Tennessee to South-Eastern Washington! How does this transition affect this little cooking/blogging hobby of mine?

  • time! As in, NO time. We spun into a whirlwind of home improvement, house listing, packing, etc. all right before the holidays. Good times, good times. I think we went a month without eating veggies. As of this writing, we've been a month without our "stuff," and we hope to move into a rental within the week (including the delivery of our worldly goods). More transition!
  • CSA: obviously, the Colvins do not deliver 2400 miles away. At this point, I don't know if we'll join a local CSA or just patronize one of the (many) farmer's markets in our new community. We're right in the heart of WA wine country and apple territory. Needless to say, fresh produce abounds during the growing season in this fertile part of the state. Can't wait to see what's the same and what's different from East TN!
  • space: I'm going from a large kitchen (with some 25 linear feet of counter space and nice pantry!) to a much smaller establishment...with no real pantry. Simplifying? Why, yes, yes, we are.
  • simplicity: see previous bullet. With less time/space to contribute to my little cooking/blogging hobby, you can expect fewer posts (a lot!), less complicated recipes and suggestions, and know that we're enjoying all the recipes I've posted along the years!
  • grocery stores: I have totally different stores available to me (no Aldi!). I need to figure out a new routine and everything.
One possible new feature is "vacation-friendly" recipes--those recipes you can make with minimal supplies on hand, both edible and equipment-related. As in, you are at a beach house that is minimally equipped, you have no spices/baking powder/flour/etc., and want to cook at home instead of eating out every night. Or, hypothetically speaking, you've just moved across country, are in temporary corporate housing, and all your own stuff is in boxes....

As in the other seasons of transition, I recommend you subscribe to the full tummies email list if you want to see new posts show up in your inbox; this will spare you needless effort "checking in" only to find there's nothing new....

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